Mobile Radio Rental Package

Mobile Radio Rental Package
November 16, 2012 Comments Off on Mobile Radio Rental Package Feature Products RedRabbit

Two-way radios are the quickest and cheapest way of staying in touch whether indoors or out, in the office or on the move.

Communicating instantly saves you time and money and so whether you are using radios a few times a year or permanently Red Rabbit can provide you with the latest Radio Communications at a price to suit your budget.

Short-term rental periods can range from one day to several months to suit the infrequent user or we can offer long-term rental periods for oilfield, security companies, building sites, farms etc giving you low cost, fully serviced communications.

All rental radio communications come complete with a quick connect cigarette lighter cord, mag mount antenna with over seat bracket. If you require a radio for the oilfield roads but not the capital expense, then please Rent! and if you have any problems we will replace any faulty equipment the same or next day.

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