Gearkeeper Retractable CB Holders

Gearkeeper Retractable CB Holders
November 16, 2012 Comments Off on Gearkeeper Retractable CB Holders Feature Products RedRabbit

Gear Keeper Retracting Tether Suspends Mic from Headliner. Grab Your Mic Use it Let it Go it Retracts Back Up to the Headliner. No more Fumbling Around Trying to Hang Your Mic. Includes Mounting Hardware to Attach to Your Headliner. Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable. Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware. 60 lbs. Breaking Strength. Extends to 28 inches. Nylon/Elastic Mic Lanyard. Quickly and Easily Disconnect Mic from Gear Keeper.

We stock most styles and sizes. These are ideal for for heavy equipment and heavy trucks. It helps keep the operator’s attention on the road or task when communicating on the two-way.

For Most Any CB or Amateur Radio Microphone.

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